Thursday, June 15, 2017


Suddenly! Things happens!  
And we’re certainly not familiar with that.
Regardless that “suddenly” happens 87 times in the Bible, our lifestyle has been more of the “wait 
on the Lord” experience - till now!  Without warning  “suddenly” erupted and overflowed in the 
Hauger house!

After months of working on applications and more months waiting on USCIS to make decisions on 
Henry’s USA immigration paperwork, we felt eternal but not divine. Then suddenly, his EAD card 
appears which led to a sudden SS#, which provides opportunity to pursue his medical insurance. 
At the same time, Henry’s travel documents suddenly arrived and we are able to travel back 
to Kenya for 6 weeks. Also, Tavin suddenly got accepted at college with a scholarship to study 
Sports and Recreation Ministry. Taleah got a driving permit and a car.

With all these suddenly occurrences, we scrambled to make plans; here they are:

June 20 - Drive to Sante Fe deal with more of Henry’s paperwork (yes, feels endless but we’re
confident that it will suddenly end someday!)

June 23 - Drive to Mt Vernon Ohio to drop Taleah off at her Aunt Brenda’s so she can 
enjoy cousin-time.

June 28 - Drive to Columbus International Airport and fly to Dulles International Airport 
where we will catch a connection to Frankfurt, Germany and on to Nairobi, Kenya.

While in Kenya, we arranged to do a case study on the Resource Center.  This in-depth evaluation will help determine how to design a model for other Kenyan churches to develop ministry to serve the poor. We will examine what works, what’s transferable, what’s indigenous, where are mistakes and can they be fixed.  Of course we will spend time with the amazing mamas and kiddos from Joyland. Henry will see his old stomping grounds.

August 3 - Leave Nairobi, heading stateside via Frankfurt.
August 4 -  Land in Buffalo, NY
August 5 - Attend Lisa’s family get-together in Western NY
August 6 – Head back to Pagosa in time for Taleah to go on camping trip with her cross-country 
team and get Tavin off to college.

The rest of August will be medical appointments for Henry. Oh, and Lisa’s Dad will be in 
Pagosa for a few weeks!

Summer filled up suddenly!  Please join with us in prayer for:
  1. Strength and safety as we travel long and far.
  2. Henry’s ability to experience healthy transitions.
  3. Taleah and Tavin as they manage their summer schedules. Tavin stays in Pagosa working and preparing for school.
  4. Quick obedience to the Holy Spirit’s leading.
  5. Sensitivity to hear and speak what the Lord intends.
  6. Hearts to perceive and understand what God expects.
  7. Amazing grace for the Resource Center board, the mamas and the kiddos whom we call our friends.     
We are grateful for your continued encouragement, prayers and support.
hugs from the haugers


  1. Well that's just awesome!!!! and BUSY!!!! I'm SO pleased! Keep us posted and have a wonderful trip!!!

  2. I keep thinking I'm busy...!!! :)

  3. Alright then! The abundance of energy..just simply amazes me! travels..hope to see you when backin WNY..hugs to all..