Saturday, April 29, 2017

One-liners and More

It’s spring in the Rockies!  I imagine the lack of April showers will probably bring May snow ;).  This month’s update - our journal entry.  Hope it will give you an idea where our hearts wander.

These one-liners developed from our years overseas while living among the least…
  • Mercy and grace only carry redemption when founded on truth. 
  • Programs need good policies and procedures, but it’s good relationships that make them successful.
  • We can’t love our right to be right more than we love our neighbor.
  • Suffering, or lack of it, is never a good indicator of someone’s spirituality.
  • Jesus must be seen for who He is, not for whom we might pretend Him to be.
  • Normal is not necessary. (It’s actually highly overrated.)
  • There is a big difference between identity and destiny.
  • Someone might be on the right team but play by the wrong rules.
  • Our freedom is connected to others.
  • Our story is bigger than us.
  • There lives unspeakable beauty in unrequited sacrifice.
  • Frying bacon and rain have the same sound.
  • The first step in the fight against injustice is to repent of our own.

Someday these might be chapter headings for a book or blog post titles, but for now they are simple summaries of experiences carried in us. 

Living in a culture that doesn’t belong to us exposed stuff we didn’t know was harbored, like how westernized we perceived Jesus to be. How different it felt being the “other color.” How big the relational gap is between poverty and wealth. How Kenya’s widowed mamas and orphan children really survive.  

Regardless of the extremes faced everyday that tempted to shut us down, God’s Word held us. Reading the Bible was not just to gain good teaching or a devotion ritual. His Word fed us grace to minister to the ungracious. It provided peace to wait for corruption to ease. It sustained us with mercy to accept unknowns and strength to forgive offenses.

Perhaps our season stateside, which has been unpredictable at best, generates dependence on God’s Word. Certainly the Lord doesn’t use manipulation to force us toward Him.  He knows human control complicates messy situations. What we think is best usually isn’t because of biased positions and tainted opinions. Letting circumstances stay slightly out of our ability to completely govern creates a safely mechanism, if we learn to trust Him who governs all.

So, could some irrepressible chaos be crucial for constructive spiritual maturity?  Does God want us to reach into what’s difficult so He can create useful empathy? Should we avoid pressures at the cost of missing His heart for the lost and broken? Maybe unresolved situations are needed for us to understand global realities and join God to influence them for better.

Below are a few more one-liners from quiet times while watching seasons change. They form questions that challenge a future vision…

  • Jesus didn’t die for us to stay comfortable.
  • He died for us to live – live as Christ.
  • He rose again to empower us to be the miraculous.

How do we live as Christ?
How do we bring solutions to the impossible?
How do we change the world unless we live among those who need their world changed?

1Peter 4: 7-19
The Message

Hope you enjoy the video of activities from the RESOURCE CENTER - a safe Christian place for mamas and vulnerable children to learn about Jesus and useful skills. Activities are donation based. Thanks for your gifts!

Please join us in praying for:
Henry as his immigration and education processes unfold.
Tavin as he pursues college plans.
Taleah as she finishes up her school year.
The Resource Center team in Kenya as they facilitate extra activities this month.
The Kajulu Women and WOW to follow the Lord’s leading and keep studying their Bibles well.
The children at Joyland to have what they need to know and follow Jesus.
The Water Project team as they write a proposal to bring piped water to the host compound for constructing filters.
Mark and Lisa as we plan for the future.

 Thanks for your prayers, encouragement and support.
hugs from the haugers