Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Prayer Requests Please

We feel humbly grateful for friends and family to contact for prayer, especially during these timesof elevated unrest.

1.  Our local pastor's daughter, Mercy was kidnapped on Friday, Nov. 27th after her evening class at the local college not far from where we live. The kidnappers used Mercy's phone to threaten her parents and then turned the phone off so it can not be traced.  There has been no further communication.  An investigative team is involved and took  2 men for questioning but did not produce any leads. As you might imagine,the situation is a heart-felt crisis. Both Pastor George and Mary continue to stay strong in their faith and are encouraged by the many prayers and support. May Mercy be returned to her family unharmed. 

2.  There have been numerous "rumors" that terrorist groups are currently functioning in this area. Considering Kenya's geographical location, this is not surprising. We trust the Lord for wisdom, protection and provision

3.  We are in the final stages of transitioning the sustainable programs from our compound to the Resource Center. There is a "Grand Opening" tentatively planned for the beginning of January that will be a community event, inviting people from the surrounding slums to know they are not forgotten - God loves them.

4.  We are in the final stages of adoption "paper-chasing" - registering, receiving certificates, applying for a passport and visa. We will certainly keep you all posted on our pending  furlough schedule, but right now, timelines are too vague to even predict when we will travel. We are praying  - SOON! Please consider having us visit your church, Bible study, or group to share what the Lord is doing in Kisumu, Kenya. May we as a family prepare well, stay healthy and keep focused on Jesus.

Asante sana for your prayers, support and encouragement.
hugs from the haugers Ooo0o
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joyful heart is good medicine!

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