Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Mark's dad

A father with his children.
Father, with wet eyes: "My dad died today."
Children, with embraced arms: "Better to have loved a dad 
and grieve his death then to not have one to call dad."

Early Monday morning Mark's dad journeyed home, to heaven,
held in the arms of His Savior.

Please pray for the family.

Friday, March 8, 2013

"Waiters' Serve"

  As we 
for the results of Monday's 
presidential elections to be tallied and announced, we 
 children who were orphaned by violence 
during the last political elections. 
Praying for peace in Kenya - for the sake of the innocent.

Welcome the morning with porridge, ugali and prayer.
Grateful for simple food.
1st lesson of the day - math with Uno cards.

 2nd lesson - phonics bingo using groundnuts. 
"BINGO!" = eat the ground nuts!

 Face painting fun!
Roaring for Jesus!

 Can you say, "SMILE?"
 Lessons with Mark.

 Art therapy.

 Bible teaching.
 Receiving prayer from children who need so much.

 Testimony time.

 Surrounded by God's mercy and grace.

Asante sana for your support, encouragement and prayers.
hugs from the haugers