Monday, February 25, 2013

Giving Back

Sustainable sewing gives back.
It’s learning to create with excellence.
It’s redeeming wounded self-worth.
It knows quality matters,
because all is done for the glory of God.
It’s doing an everyday mundane task
and finding how God wants to use it
to bless another.
It’s not waiting for the some sweet day
when you have something to give away.
It’s giving without getting.
It’s living faith now.

Widowed mamas learn to sew –
measure, mark, pin, thread, stitch. 

Result – 
Fluffy, bright pillows for handicapped, orphaned children. 
 Our friend, and seamstress extraordinaire, 
        teaches with humor and expects the best. 
The widowed mamas learn to sew by hand, 
on electric and manual machines.  
 A four-legged visitor
interrupts the class.
Pillow delivery = JOY!

This project helped six widowed mamas to learn a skill and use it to bless someone else, before they used it to benefit themselves. The project can continue but needs your help.  
  •  $200 will buy another manuel sewing machine. (The electric one was barrowed. The manual and sewing supplies were generously provided. Thanks!)
  • Dontions will purchase material - cotton katanga at about $2.oo per yard.
 With these items we could teach weekly,
 improving the mamas' skill base and blessing those in need.

Check the paypal bar on the right
Send donation payable to CARE
PO Box 3543, Pagosa Sp. CO 81147
with a sticky note - "CARE4Nations. Sewing."

Asante sana!
Mungu akubariki.
hugs form the haugers Ooo0

Monday, February 11, 2013

in Jesus name...

Omondi’s hand grips the hammer, using it like a chisel; 
he scraps away unwanted wood. 
A perfect joint exposed, 
ready to fit the next altered cedar pole. 
He flips his tool and pounds down 4-inch nails 
to fix them together.
Metal straps secure the bond. 
His creation will support screening to protect tender vegetables from thieving birds.
Like the Master Carpenter in the lives of His disciples, 
Holy Spirit forms us by cutting away unuseful parts 
so we work in unison - God's creation,
bound by cords of love,
to bring hope to a wounded world 
in Jesus name.

Mid October we planted a garden against hunger – tomatoes, kale, lettuce, onions, and carrots. 
Our harvest began in earnest. Joy to share fresh produce 
with the hungry encouraged our efforts. 
But then – the birds! 
Thanks to a specific donation 
from an organization that promotes sustainability, 
we gather materials for a screen house. Soon, we’ll be feeding the hungry again 
in Jesus name

DIGGS training encounters a new group of zealous students – some starting churches, some beginning schools, preaching and teaching 
in Jesus name.

The widowed mamas grow in helps by learning to sew. This project will serve handicapped orphaned children. Women, who were once victims, learn to give back 
in Jesus name. 
(Can’t wait to show you the finished product, delivered with a smile tomorrow!
Special thanks to our dear friend from New Zealand, Joan!)

Encouraged by young ones touching a hungry world 
with John 3:16
in Jesus name.

"From Him the whole body, joined and held together 
by every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself 
up in love, as each part does its work."
Ephesians 4:16

Asante sana for joining us in support so we work together 
caring for widows and orphans 
in Jesus name. 
James 1:27.

hugs from the haugers 0oo0