Monday, March 6, 2017

Stuck! You Know That Feeling?

STUCK! Ugh.Don’t you hate that feeling?
You know - being caught in the proverbial limbo where pending plans hinge on a decision that can’t be determined yet.
Well, that’s where we are.
Trying to navigate United States Citizenship Immigration Services (USCIS) and Henry’s USA citizenship is a daily task of applications, petitions, paperwork, phone calls, photocopies and $$$.  If you recall, we originally wrote about Henry’s immigration story here.  Little did we know the saga would continue so long!  We just filed 6 application/petitions with 39 documents and fees. Praying for a favorable response!


 Considering our USCIS issue,  plans for returning to Kenya are not set like concrete. We must wait for “Advance Parole” approval before Henry can journey abroad. Our tentative idea is to travel to Kisumu in May and stay until early August. We will leave then because Kenya’s presidential elections loom large on August 8th. Our last experience with that found us hiding in a tin church while automatic gunfire and tear gas crazed the Kondele community - a situation not worth repeating.

Although we wade through unknowns, the Resource Center and Clean Water Project continue to thrive. Look what you helped make happen...
The Resource Center is a quality Christian place for vulnerable kids to gather and know they are loved. Inside are games, art supplies, books, toys and teachers who care that these little ones are not left to neglect and abuse. The learning focus is Jesus. The Center needs electricity to expand the programs. Please keep praying.
Clean Water Project provides bio-sand water filters along with the message of Living Water to communities.  It takes hard work to build and deliver the concrete containers, but it is worth it to see families have access to healthy water and the Gospel. This income-generating ministry also needs help to secure the development compound. Please pray as we investigate options.
Good work David and all who invested!
We’re excited about an emerging project called 2 Continent Baskets. We designed a solution to tackle these 2 big problems:
1. Adoption expenses can be overwhelming (average $25,000 for non foster/adopt).
2. Many moms in Kenya are a risk of loosing their children to orphanages.
Among the Least wants to help carry these burdens by partnering with a family preservation project in Kenya. Moms  earn a fair wage creating marketable crafts from sustainable materials. These items are then offered to perspective adoptive families for fundraising sales to finance their adoptions. This initiative is presently assisting a local family.  Cool graphics to inspire involvement...
As our family currently lives in the limbo of uncertainty dealing with ambivalent authorities, we are practicing peace, rest, patience, self-control and whatever other good thing that will get us through this phase. Pressures of feeling bogged down by the swamp of bureaucracy ease when we focus on our Creator - He secures our present and guides our future.

To you, our valuable supporter, thanks for sharing our tenuous “limbo” and praying for us. Thanks for continuing to sponsor worthwhile programs that help widowed/single mothers and vulnerable children. Thanks for helping to bring clean water into communities thirsty for the Gospel. God bless you!

       hugs from the haugers Ooo0o