Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Update: June 2015 Lessons in Dust and Mud

June 30th already!  Many of you reading this are watching your summer fly by. We on the other hand don’t even remember it’s summer since the equator weather stays warm.  We only have two seasons – dry and wet, or as we like to call them – dusty and muddy.

With that analogy, we’ll share the dusty and muddy of life here and ways you can pray for us.

The adoption of Henry has been a hot, long, dusty journey. Although we’ve seen God’s hand move amazingly through supportive relationships and timing of Henry’s placement with us, the path to justice for orphans is not for the faint of heart.  We prayerfully, carefully, legally pursued this journey because we felt Holy Spirit leading us. Little did we know our case would be in the midst of a grimy legal battle for the rights of truly abandoned, orphaned children to be placed in caring families approved for adoption. The lines are drawn in the shifting dust with government manipulation on one side and child advocates on the other. We are with the other, standing alongside the Law Society of Kenya and The Law Society of East Africa. The USA embassy in Nairobi is petitioning the Hague to intervene since Kenya is a Hague compliant country for laws governing international adoption.  Even local adoption by Kenyan citizens has stopped. Check the article below to read about a current lawsuit. restore-adoption

Every ministry project goes through muddy seasons, but we’ve noticed it’s actually fun to play in the mud!  Instead of jumping to judgments and becoming critical, we join together and speak truth in love. Issues that threaten conflict arise, but conversation laced with a bit of humor and served up beside sweet hot chai get us all back on the same page and projects continue moving forward. God saves the team from complaining about potential messes, drawing us closer to Him and each other.
Regardless of dust or mud, we are content to keep praising, praying, and believing. Will you join us?

  • Please pray the adoption process opens so children are free to be welcomed into loving families. Our next court date is July 7th.
  • It’s Ramadan and as we write this the call to prayer echoes through the evening air. Please pray we effectively share the love of Jesus with our Musl*m neighbors.
  • Please pray for the widowed/single mamas of the Women of Worth group and the Kajulu Women’s group to be faithful in studying God’s Word, successful in their businesses, intentional in their parenting, generous in their giving.
  • Please pray for the neglected kiddos at Joyland as we keep sharing Jesus with them on Saturday afternoons.
  • Thanking God for the progress made on the Resource Center construction. Grateful for the gifts and the local church's sacrificial giving that helped build partitions.
  • Please pray for Tavin and Taleah as they take exams the next couple weeks.
  • Still waiting on the approved missionary permit renewals…
  • Yahoo!  We get to spend next week with Jeanne Marie Soniat and Jaden Hinger. SO EXCITED!!! 

Waiting at one of our many court appointments.
Our dear friend Steve sharing praises at Joyland.
Building the Resource Center together.
Our prayers for dear friends and family are that you to truly enjoy the summer vacation by relaxing in the One whose rest is never ending.

Asante sana for your prayers, support and encouragement.
hugs from the haugers 0ooOo

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Colorful Lessons

I watch them draw with unexpected abandon.  Quietly putting color on blank paper, transforming thoughts to images, their resolute expressions speak strong. They are absorbed in the process of creating.  Regardless of the lack of experience with paints and brushes and crayons and markers, their determination to share testimonies of who Christ is compels them.  As always, I ask permission to taking pictures and tell their stories. What I hear humbles my heart.


Josephine’s husband died, leaving her to raise two children without support from extended family. She sells vegetables:

“My life is like this tree. Some parts have color. Some do not. If I am deep rooted in Jesus. He can grow sweet fruit like mango to share.”


Christine, a member from the church who helps at WOW.

“Life has many storms. Jesus can make those storms useful in our lives and the lives of others.”


Jackie, a widow with two children who used to sell glue to street boys but now works as a cook at a street boy ministry.

“The same, same sun is like Jesus. He brings light, makes us warm, grows food. Yes. All this comes from Jesus. Who are we not to worship Him?” Can you make food grow or bring light?”

Simple representations of foundational truths.  Sometimes life becomes so complicated we forget God always provides our needs. We run away from stormy times instead of letting them be funneled through Jesus, our Source of redemption. Good fruit grows when our roots go deep in Him.

Three years ago when I first began meeting with these women - victims of severe neglect, abuses and corruption, I sincerely wondered if change would really happen. Now after time spent building relationships, I’ve seen a change happen in all of us, especially me.

I’ve learned that my story is always part of a bigger one that God is writing.  In this chapter He molds my weakness to strength among Kenyan mamas and He bonds them together in service for others. Their colorful pictures reveal genuine faith and mine is challenged.

This group of mamas have come so far. Each one has a business they use not only to earn money for living but as platforms to share their testimonies of Jesus amazing grace. Their new group venture? Work together to form a catering service called 
"Fruitful Service - serving you with fruits of God's spirit."
If you would like to help them with capital to purchase items necessary to develop their service, please donate through paypal on the side bar.

Also, please keep our adoption process in your prayers.
Thanks for your prayers, support and encouragement.
hugs from the haugers Ooo0o