Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Kwahari Kenya

 This evening, sitting along the shores of Lake Victoria, we munch on freshly cooked chips made in a fire pit by a toothless smiling mamma.  Mark visits with the boat men as the sun sets beyond the hills across Winam Gulf. Tavin kicks the futbal with orphaned boys from Covenant Home. Taleah wanders through the maze of tropical trees, sharing secrets and giggles with barefoot girls.

The sun drops slowly casting an orange glow along the horizon, and it's departure reminds me of ours. I linger, watching Kenya and her life sink deep into me; places and people settling in my heart. I've heard widowed mammas sing God's praises in the midst of certain heartache, then seen their lives transform from ashes to beauty. I've embraced vulnerable children as they hold hope for a better future with eager hands. Friends have died, leaving behind the grieving for greater glory. Joy of salvation prayers overcame poverty's grip. I've tasted the bitterness of corruption, felt anger at injustice, and wondered with awe that my failures are redeemed by God's amazing grace. All this spreads across me in reflective hues burning my memory bright.

We leave Kenya, for a time  We pack up our experiences to carry home along with the African dust on our feet.  Warm welcomes we received surrounds us with peace that stays behind, blessing those we've grown to love. Like the lingering colors of a breathtaking sunset, our lives here set only to dawn again another day.

Kwahari Kenya
until we return!

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  1. so beautifully written! Praying for you as you return! i can't wait to hug your neck! Until we meet again in Kenya:)